Bite Guards

State-of-the-art Hard Bite Guards

If you struggle with pain due to clenching and grinding your teeth, a custom-made bite guard may be the solution to your problems. A bite guard is a dental appliance custom-fit to a patient’s teeth. Bite guards serve varying purposes and are often recommended for use in patients of all ages. Without a bite guard, tenderness in the jaw joint can radiate to the head, neck and shoulder area. People who clench and grind can fracture and wear their teeth at a much faster rate causing sensitivity, pain and change in the position of how their jaws fit. Bite guards protect your teeth from wearing away and relieve head, neck, jaw joint and shoulder pain caused because of clenching and grinding. It is important that bite guards be professionally fit, rather than purchased over the counter, as this ensures maximum comfort and protection during wear.

At Byerly Family Dentistry we are pleased to provide state-of -the-art bite guards. Our professional bite guards are created by using each patient’s unique oral impression. We then produce the bite guard from our very own in-office lab. Therefore, you can receive your bite guard in a timely fashion. Another great benefit of Byerly Family Dentistry bite guards is that they are completely customizable. You can express your individuality by choosing from a wide range of colors and designs to fit your personality.

If you want to learn more about custom-made bite guards, simply call Byerly Family Dentistry and we will answer any questions you may have.